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Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Network!

We are excited to introduce an easy and profitable business model to you--it is called the Affiliate Program. As an Affiliate, you can receive commissions on sales of our Meta Hemp products with virtually zero investment. Meta Hemp Solutions has been in business for almost 14 years now, and our products have a proven track record! All of our products are produced in our FDA registered and inspected facility in Longmont, Colorado.

The market for hemp/CBD extracts is very widely known, and there is a huge demand for these products. We make a very unique hemp extract that has gained significant recognition. We lab test every step of the way and assure you that this product is manufactured using Good Manufacturing Principles as outlined by the FDA, in an FDA-inspected facility. We have two highly qualified chemists and master herbalists working in the formulation, production, and analysis of all these products. We have third-party lab testing done, are completely transparent, and make all of our test results available to the public at large.  

We use a unique low-temperature process to make our whole-plant hemp extract. We work with the raw plant material (grown to organic standards) and extract using organic grape ethanol. We then do a second extraction for the rare earth minerals and salts that reside in the plant material, and we reunite the liquid extract with these elements. The final product is unique and very powerful. We finish these extracts using organic MCT oil and organic flavors. In the case of our blends, we blend our hemp extract with other synergistic herbs.

We have some really great products for you to offer, such as:

* Hemp Extract in 250 mg, 500 mg, or 1000 mg strength.

* Focus and Memory Blend (hemp extract with herbal extracts)

* Nighty Night Blend (hemp extract with herbal extracts)

* Hemp Salve

These are some of our most popular products.

How does the program work?

This program is designed for Internet-savvy individuals to begin earning a commission on sales brought to our company through their own efforts. The program will automatically assign you an affiliate code, which is associated with the banners we supply you with. It is up to you to place these banners across the web. After a customer clicks on your banner, that person is registered for 365 days as your referral, and you will receive a 15% commission on those sales. After a successful purchase, and once your commissions reach $100.00, we will send you a check.

The beauty of this affiliate program is that you can benefit others in regaining or optimizing their health while also benefiting yourself with revenues! This is why I entered into the health food/supplement business, to help others and earn an income at the same time! What a service you can provide others by doing this and doing it well. We want to help you succeed, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW !

–Steve St. Clair

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